Torreya State Park Florida....Photos From November 2016

We took a couple of day trips on our November vacation, and Torreya State Park was one place we went to.....

We spent the day hiking one of the trails....

We were deep in the woods on these trails, and the terrain here looked nothing like the Florida flat lands we were used to....this area is in the rolling hills area of Northern Florida.....we quickly found out why this State Park is often called the Appalachians of Florida.....

We had a fun day at this beautiful place, we did have to call the park ranger at one point to find out if we were on the right trail to take us out of there before dark. I was glad my husband put their phone number in our phone, for emergencies, and I was glad that we found a spot to get a cell phone signal. The trail was marked fairly well, but it was taking a long time to get out of there, it was treacherous in a lot of places. That was one adventure we'll always remember!

I hope you had fun exploring Torreya State Park with us today!

For more information click HERE to visit the official website

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