Lakeyard Views... Defuniak Springs Florida

Photos taken Feb.14, 2011

I hope you enjoyed hanging out with me and the ducks here at Lake Defuniak!


Oaks By the Bay St. Andrews Bay Area in Florida

These pictures were taken Saturday, Jan. 29, 2011.....
Florida has so many beautiful things to see and do, and the mild winters make winter time bearable to me....we had a warm front pass through on this particular weekend that I took these pics and the temperature was a perfect 71 degrees.

Now this week is another story... rainy and highs in the 50's....we'll just have to take the good with the bad down here in the south...It's typical winter weather....cold days with some warm fronts along the way....  

Hope you enjoy the views....all pictures can be clicked to enlarge and then just press backspace to get back to this blog....

There's one of my favorite things in life...kitties....that was a nice surprise along the trail....he picked him out a great place to relax didn't he?

These three pictures were taken going over one of the bridges along the way to getting those beautiful blue skies....and the boats docked in the harbor...

Thanks for coming along with us to Oaks by the Bay....I'll be back again soon to share more nature walks with you!